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Slipping and Siding in the Rainy Season

We are into the rainy season in Oregon and when it comes to siding, sometimes it needs to be replaced or repaired now and it can't wait for sunshine or you can't wait until Spring or Summer.

Impact and water damage are common issues during this season. We also have full siding replacement as needed for new construction or for full exterior remodeling. These projects are like NFL football. We can get it done any time, rain or shine. Just throw us a pass for a free estimate and we will surprise you with touchdown on materials up to 40%. Now that's a touchdown and a win-win for you in the siding contractor installation game.

Repairing Siding in the Rain

If we need to actually work in the rain we can use covers and tarps to protect the home siding while we are working. we remove the damaged siding and having matched the product can replace sections that are damaged.

Siding that Needs to be Replaced - Think Fiber Cement

When siding needs to be replaced, then we recommend considering fiber cement siding compared to wood or vinyl. With fiber cement the differences are dramatic. It is non-combustible, rot resistant, easily painted, resistant to termites, will not melt in high heat, is more durable and can sustain small impact, resistant to wind, rain, hail, snow and sun, is non-toxic to inhabitants, and has many choices of styles to meet every nuance of preferences.

Here are two photos of fiber cement siding - from the James Hardie Web Site - these are craftsman style. There are many other styles such as modern, ranch, traditional, prairie.

As siding contractors we always evaluate a home's siding even when there is only small damage to one area. We will provide you with a free estimate, and savings on materials.

Let's talk fiber cement and a style that will make you smile.

Have a great holiday season.

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